How Do Body Types Affect

Body Types


Ectomorphs are typically slender, they have a small chest, small shoulders and a delicate bone structure. Ectos have lean muscle because of their fast metabolism, which results in them being hardgainers for large muscle mass. However, on the plus side it’s easier for ectos to lose weight and cut back to lean muscle.
Therefore, Ectomorphs should stick to the highest end of the carbohydrate scale in order to put on weight and muscle mass. Also, because of their fast metabolism they need to eat before they go to sleep to avoid muscle catabolism.


Mesomorphs are usually categorized by their dense bone structure, with a typically large muscular structure, including broad shoulders and chest. Naturally strong, they’re the perfect platform for body building. They find it very easy to put on muscle, yet they also find it easy to lose fat (less so than ectomorphs).
They are slightly more susceptible to over consumption of carbs compared to ectomorphs. However, they can still intake on the upper stages of the guidelines due to their ample glycogen storage in the muscles. Despite of this they must keep an eye on their calorie intake, particularly if their diet also includes moderate levels of fat.

The endomorph is best described as soft. They typically have a round or pear-shaped body, shorter limbs, a stocky build, and a slower metabolism.
Endomorphs tend to carry a lot more adipose tissue and therefore have a lot more issues with excess fat storage. On the bright side they should find it easier to put on muscle mass. However, in order to achieve any fat loss or lean muscle creation, endomorphs should eat carbohydrates at the lower end of the ratio.

Introduction to Macronutrients

The society we live in has started to change for the better, there is a new generation which is transitioning into a more health conscious and food educated society. This is a much needed change, as obesity is at an all-time, epidemic high. Although having reached chronic levels of ignorance towards food, it is possible that if we start to understand and respect food then this epidemic can begin to decline. This process has already started to happen within the younger generation, with gym attendance and food awareness at an all-time high.

There will always be someone with a body you’re envious of, whether that would be a mountain of a person with bulging biceps and shirt raising deltoids a hyper toned athlete or maybe someone who has lost a lot of weight. The important thing to remember is no one was ever given that body. They all have the same thing in common: they work hard and they work smart. This combination is a complete winner in every single scenario in life but unfortunately there aren’t many people willing to do both. So make sure you’re one of the small percentage, who understands the importance of hitting 100% productivity. For our purpose this translates too: working hard in the gym and then making the smart decisions in the kitchen because ultimately, this is where we will fall or triumph. Presumably you’ve all heard of the saying ‘You are what you eat’, well it’s true. Abs are made in the kitchen and honed in the gym. It’s widely accepted that body composition is made up of 20% training and 80% diet. So next time you’re staring at that take away menu ready to indulge in a stomach busting pizza, make sure you think back to this rule. In order to strive to where you want to be, whatever your goal, then you need to understand what you’re putting in to your body and what this means to your body composition, overall health and physical performance.